Straight From the Heart

Pastry chef Lili Hart hasn't been satisfied with what she's accomplished with her siblings at Hearts and Flowers. She yearns for independent success, so she seeks to take on clients of her own not tied to the family business.

Excited about her first client, her celebration is short-lived when she sees dreamy eyed Dominic Ballard again.

Charming and talented singer/songwriter Dominic Ballard majored in music in college despite the discouragement of his mother. Eventually, he moved to California to pursue his dreams of superstardom.

After the sudden death of his father, Dominic finds himself back in his hometown of Taylor, Indiana assisting with the family's chain of restaurants. When he's offered an opportunity to collaborate on popular R & B singer latest CD he feels closer to realizing his dream. But, his life is further complicated when he runs into the one who got away. . .feisty Lili Hart.

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